How to go clamming and easy steamed clam recipe with Island Creek

The benefit of living/working/playing on the water is the bounty of the Bay. Sure, we grow oysters, but we also spend our free time swimming, fishing for stripers, or getting ankle deep in the low tide hunting for clams. Last week, Robert sported his clamming license (don't worry, we're legal) and took us out to show us how it's done. Turns out, it's super easy. It's just all in the timing.

After digging in the mud for an hour or so, we hauled a bucket or two back to home base and you whipped up a quick Island Creek favorite recipe: Driveway Clams.

DO try this at home. Trust us, people will gather around to get in on this clam jam.

Get the quick n' easy Driveway Clam recipe here: