In 1998 I was 10 and made a pretty decent Alien Autopsy short.
Me and my friend dissected his little brother - we used ketchup and used his Dad's under shirts as lab coats.
I can now finally afford real lab coats. 

I've worked professionally as an editor, colorist, engineer, camera man, and director.
I like directing the most, and editing the second most. I like to do both at the same time. 

I have a history of working in live music, fashion, music video, and commercial.
I want to do more of those things, but also other things.

I think motion picture is the culmination of every true human art form -  
a collaborative effort that brings sound, color, and movement together
to communicate stirring and complex emotions. 
I can't imagine devoting my life to anything less than that. 
That's the good shit. 

Alex is co-owner and Creative Director at Bottle Tree.

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